Botanist Gin Review / Tasting

Today we'll be reviewing Botanist Gin and tasting its flavors. If you want to make a great drink with it, we suggest The Dorchester

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Botanist Gin is a Islay Dry Gin with mint, coriander, apple and botanicals flavor notes. We are not 100% sure if Islay Dry Gin is "a thing" or something that Botanist created to categorize themselves apart from other dry gins (most notably a London Dry Gin).

Botanist is a bit more overproof than some standard dry gin options out there and compliments cocktails like the dorchester, aviation and other gin-forward flavors really well. You'll find Botanist Gin is not too overpowering, compliments a standard gin cocktail and brings the juniper without bringing the eye stinging Pinsol flavor.

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