Prairie Organic Gin Tasting / Review

Today we're going to taste up some prairie organic gin, a gin tasting! This isn't our first experience with Prairie Organic, the brand, but last time we had their vodka--now we get a more tasty product in their portfolio.

Last time we created a Harvey Wallbanger with Prairie Organic Vodka (, this time we're doing the base taste for their gin before we use it in other cocktails. More on that to come!

Also, we used Norlan Glasses, best tasting glasses on the planet:

One thing to note, Prairie Organic Gin is a high proof gin, or as it's called "Navy Strength". This small batch product is made in the USA with home grown (well, where home is "their farm") grain as the base for the gin. And, yeah, it's an organic farm. Personally, we are all set with organic label, we're all about the taste.

Turns out, Prairie Organic Gin has a great taste, even with the extra dose of alcohol. The flavors are vibrant and defining, with a good juniper citrus balance and not too deep an herbal (coriander) attack, which is nice and flavorful.

This product is strong enough to cut through the distraction in cocktails with too many ingredients, light and delicate enough to work in a simple 3-part cocktail (martini perhaps!?) and would no doubt be excellent in your next Gin & Tonic. Highly recommend giving it a try. Especially if you want to support American brands.

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