Massive Beer Reviews 1881 Pretty Things Brewing Lovely Saint Winefride Brown Lager Vintage 2012/15?

Sitting down with a meaningful little beer on today’s MBR.
Almost three years to the day Dann and Martha Paquette shuttered their doors to Boston born but industry loved Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project after years of fighting the good fight by publicly decrying the bully mentality of big beer and their lackies, more specifically the distributors that are forced upon the big and small due to a three-tier system written by bootleggers’ decades earlier
Over the years there have been drips and drabs of hopeful light at the end of the "will they be back?" tunnel concerning Dann and Martha's return from being done dirty ... and UK beer release here, a cryptic blog post there ... but nothing as concrete as this past weekend’s announcement that they are finally returning to their Brick and mortar selves in the form of Sheffield England’s own St Mars of the Desert
Their return makes not just my taste buds flutter but makes all the sense. The tone and tenor of their beers always has an English/European feel so to settle in Attercliffe has a hefty dose of full circle masquerading as a new beginning, at least it does from this outsider’s view
So, with a happy heart we tip our cap in a bit of an homage to their past and future with a beer I think makes all the sense in the world .... a several year-old 7 percent brown lager? Yeah, maybe not the world’s most ageable beer, but Pretty's Things Lovely Saint Winefride was brewed by the Paquettes as a Mark to End Winter, which has as much to do with end of a long, arduous journey as it does the beginning and birth of many Pretty Things
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