Black Tea: Sun-Dried Vs Air-Dried | A Morning Black Tea Party and a Short China Trip

Learn how the sun affects the taste of Black tea as we taste test two Chinese Black teas from Yunnan. Join our little morning tea party and follow us to China as we visit a tea farmer and explore the manufacturing process of the black tea (red tea).

Everybody enjoys drinking tea, but how is tea made? We visit a tea farm in Yunnan and guide you through different steps of processing of the tea leaves - withering, rolling of the tea leaves, oxidation phase, sun-drying.

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- Hammered Glass Gong Dao Bei:
- Fish Teapet:

►Table of contents for quick navigation:
0:55 - Bulang black tea - learn about the production method of this black tea and follow Don into production facility in Yunnan province in China
5:37 - Finished tea leaves of the Bulang black
6:25 - We are back to London. Presenting 3 black teas, talking about picking of the tea, giving you some background information on the production of different black teas in China
10:25 - Bulang Black tea - S.C.O.P.E
15:04 - Brewing of the air-dried Yunnan Black and sun-dried Bulang Black tea, taste test and some in-depth tasting notes

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