Beer Tap Installation - iTap From Boel Technologies Set Up

It's Beer Tap Installation time. The good folks at Boel Technologies asked us to check out their dual beer faucet and counter-pressure bottle filler, the iTap faucet.

Since John has been asking me about trying to install a faucet in the door of his beer fridge, we used the iTap as the impetus to get a beer tap set up at his home.

The iTap faucet installs simply and quickly once you drill a hole large enough for the plastic shank to pass through. After that, we were up and running and serving beer in less than 10 minutes.

We like the way the Boel iTap looks and the way the faucet pour attachment has included flow control on the side. We look forward to experimenting with the counter pressure filling feature in an upcoming video.

Thanks again to the folks at Boel Technologies.


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