How To Use A Boston Shaker - Breaking The Seal / Home Bartending Tips

We are going to show you how to use a Boston Shaker. These home bartending tips will teach you how to properly close and open the Boston Shaker. The most intimidating part? Breaking the seal without breaking the glass.

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The Boston Shaker isn't extremely hard to use but it can be intimidating to new cocktail creators. Breaking the seal on Boston Shaker isn't hard if you don't hammer the pint glass onto the steel shaker tin.

There are only a few tips and tricks to sealing and unsealing the Boston Shaker itself. Finding the right spot to give it a tap is where it's at and if you tap your Boston Shaker just right the seal will pop and you'll be on your way to craft cocktail freedom.

To practice with your Boston Shaker and Glass you want to use water so you don't waste any precious cargo (alcohol) in the process of building your confidence.

Once you've got your confidence high you can start busting out some craft cocktails. If you get the bottle of blackstrap bitters with your order you'll have all you need (besides alcohol) to start building some drinks.

Need a measuring tool? I suggest the Japanese Double Jigger available, where? Of course, awesomedrinks!

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