How To Make The Gin Gin Mule

Today we're going to show you how to make the gin gin mule, a cocktail that reminds us of a gin based Moscow mule. But, I guess that was probably the intention. Here is our recipe

The Gin Gin Mule comes in on the slightly sweeter side of the drink spectrum, which can be changed for the more experienced drinker (or those sensitive to too much sugar) by bringing down the sugar by a half ounce or so. But, it's probably best to create the gin gin mule the way the recipe dictates and try it first, then decide if you want less sweetness. Remember, most ginger beers also offer a sweetness to them.

Gin Gin Mule
- 1 oz simple syrup
- 3/4 oz fresh lime juice
- 1 mint sprig
- 1 3/4 oz London Dry Gin
- 1 oz Ginger Beer
- Garnish: 1 mint sprig

You can find the sourced original recipe here:

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