Gong Fu Story - Tea Travel Solution

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The Gong Fu Story is a tea travel solution so that you can experience the joy of Gong Fu tea brewing anywhere and with anyone.

Buy the Gong Fu Story: https://meileaf.com/p/cl-gfsb

This tea travel bag has been designed to maximise the power of tea in more parts of your life and with more people. Drink tea in unique and inspiring locations, connect with people through tea at parties, family gatherings or with an old friend, boost your performance through the calming and mindful aspects of Gong Fu Cha throughout your day.

The Gong Fu Story is the result of frustration - it was not convenient to travel with your tea or even bring a Gong Fu tea session to your friend's place. Gong Fu tea is such a positive and social experience and yet, for the most part, we were restrained to brewing at our home or office. Think of all the incredible places that we could drink tea, think about how many more people could experience that social magic that happens when you share tea together - if we could easily take our tea sessions wherever we roam. We wanted to expand our Tea story and set our sessions free.

Sure, there are some tea travel kits on the market but they force you to use their limited teaware on tiny little trays - that's ok for a quick solo tea but they did not allow us to express the true beauty of Gong Fu Cha.

So, we thought, why don't we design a solution that allows you to bring any and all of your teaware and a big enough water tray for PROPER tea sessions? So instead of working on a teaware kit, we began working on a bag.

Inspiration came from camera bags. We are constantly travelling with camera gear for our YouTube filming and we found that the padding was excellent for protecting teaware. But, there were improvements that were necessary - the bag needed to be the right size for teaware, the material should be more water resistant, there needed to be a place for tea which would be protected from moisture plus many more adaptations.

After over 7 months of working with bag designers, we have created the Gong Fu Story. We have tested this bag to the max - bringing it to the great outdoors, London parties and overseas. We cannot imagine life before the Gong Fu Story - it has liberated our tea sessions and we have shared tea with so many more people in so many different places. This is not simply a bag. It is a passport for you to bring the power of tea to more places and share it with more people.

Create new stories and set your tea sessions free.


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