5 Detox Smoothie Recipes for Weight Loss

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Why smoothie detox?

Compared to other methods of detoxification, such as juice fasting, water fasting, or various cleanses, I think smoothie detox has an advantage, because at the same time it purifies the body and provides nutrients. Fruit juices cleanse the body, and veggie juices nurture and renew the organism. This way, the body doesn’t starve, the cells receive the necessary nutrients, the toxins are released and we can say that a healthy detoxification is taking place.

Mushy juices, as opposed to squeezed juices, are complete foods because mushy juices contain amino acids, minerals, salts, enzymes and vitamins, as well as plant fibers that have a protective function in the body against malignant and cardiovascular diseases and at the same time are excellent foods for the "good" "bacteria in the intestinal flora.

Also, the smoothie detox is the most delicious detox! Mushy juices are one of the nicest foods for people of all ages. Namely, a lot of people have a dislike for such juices due to vegetable aroma, but in a well-balanced fruit and vegetable ratio, the taste of vegetables is almost unnoticeable, even when it comes to vegetables with a strong aroma like broccoli, parsley, celery etc. The rich taste and creamy texture also contributes to the added enjoyment.

5 detox smoothie recipes:

1. Detox Smoothie Recipe No.1

• 1 Carrot
• 1 Beetroot
• 1 Lemon
• Parsley
• 250 ml .(8.4fl oz.) Water

2. Detox Smoothie Recipe No.2

• 1 Apple
• 1 Tbsp. Chia seed
• 1 Tbsp. Flaxseed
• 125 ml. (4.2 fl oz.) Water
• 125 ml. (4.2 fl oz.) Coconut Milk

3. Detox Smoothie Recipe No.3

• 125 ml. ( 4.2 fl.oz) Fresh Lemon Juice
• 1 Apple
• Parsley
• 15 gr. (0.5oz) Chopped Celery Root
• 1 Tbsp. Flaxseed
• 1 Tsp. Cinnamon

4. Detox Smoothie Recipe No.4

• 1 Cup Beetroot
• 1 Tbsp. Apple Cider Vinegar
• 1 Cup Kefir
• ½ Tsp.Cinnamon
• 1 Tbsp. Honey

5. Detox Smoothie Recipe No.5

• 1 Grapefruit
• Mint
• 1 Lemon
• 1 Apple
• 250 ml. (8.4 fl oz.) Water

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