Does Whole Leaf Make Better Tea? - BREWING MASTERCLASS

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Tea Geekery! Is whole, loose leaf better than tea bags and broken leaves? I show you why you should always buy whole leaf and teach you an unusual tea brewing method originally from Chaozhou which involves breaking the leaves!

► Whole Leaf Vs Tea Bags - A beginners video

► How Temperature affects Tea?

► How Brewing Time affects Tea?

► Why Does More Leaf Make Better Tea?

► What is Astringency?

► How Teaware affects Tea?

► Why you should switch to Gong Fu Brewing?

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From Cold Brewed tea to Gong Fu Brewing, making a cup of good tea whould always use whole, loose leaf because this willbe higher quality tea than tea bags and will give you control over your brews.

In this tea brewing masterclass, I go into the details of the different types of aromatic and flavour compounds in tea and how whole leaf allows you to create a balanced tea with many infusions like a tea brewing master.

Enjoy the geek dive into the world of tea brewing!

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