THE PSYCHOLOGY OF FEAR IN A PANDEMIC - Tea Lifted Conversation with Sacha Khan MSc

How is Global Psychology being affected by the COVID pandemic and how can we re-frame the situation to emerge with positivity?

I speak with Cognitive Behavioural Therapist Sacha Khan about the possible psychological effects of fear and isolation and we discuss ways to change perspective for a happier future.

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Find out more about Sacha Khan:

- Difference between anxiety and fear
- Placebo and nocebo effects and the portrait of pandemic presented by media
- Empowering by means of fear vs. facts and Swedish approach to handling pandemic
- Kinds of responses to fearful trigger
- CBT psychotherapy in a nutshell, the ABC model
- Ways of reframing the negatives of the pandemic
- Isolation and loneliness
- Breathing techniques to work with anxiety
- Real change of behaviour happens when we're feeling good about it
- Benefits of meditation and practical advice on how to get started
- Lifestyle advice on how not to lose grip of reality
- The psychology of the police/nanny state


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