Finding TRUE TEA in London - TATE MODERN

Where do you find the best tea in London? Gong Fu tea is the best way to experience the taste and effects of high-quality tea but are there any places in London to experience this yourselves?

★Try our Nectar Raider PuErh:
★Visit the Tate Modern 9th Floor Restaurant:

The British are known for their love of milk tea and Darjeeling but are actually relatively new to the best way of brewing loose leaf tea. Apart from the Mei Leaf Teahouse, true Gong Fu brewing is hard to find in London.

The Tate Modern Gallery is one of London's most iconic places to visit with a big reputation in the world of arts. They have decided to bring a full Gong Fu tea service to their restaurant and Mei Leaf has been supplying all of the teaware, tea and training.

We are so thrilled that our sweet and syrupy Nectar Raider PuErh is available at their 9th Floor restaurant with the most majestic views of London.

Please do visit them if you are in London and you want to experience True Tea in a unique setting.


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