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How to make the HellBoy flaming cocktail by Drinks Made Easy. We're back with another video on how to make cocktails at home. Today we bring you the hell boy fireball flaming cocktail. Hell Boy is getting a reboot and we can't wait! So of course we had to make a drink inspired by the movie. What we came up with is a daiquiri variation using fireball whiskey along with white rum and use 151 rum to make it flame.

To make this drink you will shake and strain the following:

1 oz Fireball Whiskey
1 oz White Rum
3/4 oz Lime juice
1/4 oz Simple Syrup

Then in your hulled out lime half (from juicing the lime) you will place a cube of Demerara sugar and douse it with 151 and set it on fire. sprinkle cinnamon on it to accentuate the flame. Enjoy!

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Created and Produced by: Mike Quick

Hosted and Co-Produced by: Paul Masterson

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