Answering Water Chemistry Questions

This week, as promised, we answer some of your water chemistry questions. Don't be put off by this long video! Read the full description for shortcuts to what you want to hear.

On June 5, 2019 we asked you to use the comment space to ask us any water chemistry question you wanted clarity on. So in video Mike goes through those questions and attempts to present some general good practices or though processes around the questions to help make you a better brewer.

Mike grouped the questions into a handful of basic categories so as to not have the video go on for ever. We tried to be concise but brief. If you need follow up please comment below. Mike will also attempt to go back to the June 5th video and put some specific answers to the questions in the comment section there.

This is a rather long video. To battle that issue we've put some time stamps here so you can skip to a portion that sounds interesting to you. You can also jump around at your leisure. You can use the time stamps to come back here and quickly get to any part you want to hear again.

So CHEERS! Let us know if this split Q&A two video format works for you. We can try and do more in the future.

Time Stamps:
2:45 Where to start?
4:10 Is this even important?
5:25 When to use RO/Distilled Water?
6:45 When to get a water test?
9:10 Water Software
12:00 Treating Sparge Water
13:05 Adding salts to Mash or the Boil Kettle
14:25 Water Profiles Across Beer Styles
16:55 Buying and using pH meters or pH Strips
18:40 Answering some direct questions
18:55 When should I adjust my Mash pH?
20:10 What are salt/flavor ratios?
21:35 Are there remeasured water salts on the market? How expensive are water salts?
23:10 How and when to use Magnesium?
24:25 Stability/Reproducibility of in-house water filter setups
25:05 Does Yeast nutrients factor into my water chemistry make up?
25:35 Why does Mike target 150ppm for calcium?
27:10 Final Thoughts

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