A Call For Water Chemistry Questions

Do you have questions about water chemistry? Have you read all the books and you're still confused? We are asking for you to submit your water chemistry questions.

That's right. Ask us about water chemistry and we will attempt to answer them. We might not have all the answers but maybe collectively we can all learn a little something more about how to achieve great water chemistry.

The primary goal is not to solve specific answers to specific water profile needs but too try and focus on the process of handling water chemistry. The aim is also to offer a forum where we can try and offer simplified direct approaches to make handling water chemistry a little easier in your brewery.

So let's have it. You put your questions below. We will gather them up and attempt to answer them. We will not specifically answer every question in the comments, but rather group like questions together and then address them in a future video. Hopefully, the brew dudes community can chime in with our answers and we can all elevate our understanding together.

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