The PLAATO Keg Management System

We finally got the official released version of the PLAATO Keg Management System.

A while back we got a very cool prototype of the Keg Management System to demo and try out. Now the kickstart is done and PLAATO is in full production of this cool new product.

The PLAATO Keg Management System is essentially a bluetooth monitored scale. The scale works by tracking the weight remaining on any home-brew sized keg of beer. You set your keg on the scale, tell the app how much beer is in the keg and off you go. The device communicated with you home WiFi to tell the app how much beer is left in your keg.

With the PLAATO app you can even monitor if there are any "unauthorized" pours happening while you aren't at home to guard your beer and kegorator! The cool thing is that this products work seamlessly with other PLAATO products you might have, like the PLAATO Airlock.

So from one app you can track your fermentations and temperature. You can also keep an active eye on your beer inventory.

Can't wait to see what other products PLAATO develops in the future.

Let us know what you think of the PLAATO Keg Management System in the comments below.


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