Infusing Tea in Alcohol

We all know that the best way to make tea is traditionally using Leaf and Water but sometimes a bit of experimentation is fun and can be delicious.

Don and Han experiment with infusing tea in alcohol to create the base of tea cocktails and tea flavoured spirits @7evensuns in Bangkok.

Water and leaf is the perfect marriage so tea and alcohol may seem unusual but the farmers in China are continuously bringing out their herbal moonshine and so we thought we would try with tea.

Infusing tea leaves in alcohol is a very simple process. Pick your favourite spirit like whisky, gin or vodka and add some pre-brewed (but dry) tea leaves for half an hour to an hour.

We have no studies that show what is extracted from tea in alcohol but it is logical that alcohol will extract stronger and faster than water. The result may be a strong infusion so drink carefully.

If you are ever in Bangkok then visit Han’s teahouse SEVEN SUNS in Ekkamai for a true tea experience:
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