How To Make The Bashful Canadian Cocktail

Today we'll show you how to make the bashful Canadian cocktail, a recipe designed by Jennifer for Stephane, one of our highest contributors and donators to the CMC cause.

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The Bashful Canadian has one core concept: a spirit forward drink that has a bitter herbal component. While Stephane is a fan of Campari, this drink was a bit more delicate with a focus on Rye whiskey so we went with Aperol which gives some herbal influence with a touch of sweeter side of life.

While some may say this is a sweeter cocktail, they're saying that in the vein of a "potent forward cocktail" not a daiquiri or blended beach drink. Aperol has some nice bitter bite but it's a lower flavor profile in this crafty cocktail because of the high proof bourbon we used. The maple syrup sweetness may also help temper this drink and make it a bit of a sleep.

Bashful Canadian
- 3 oz Rye Whiskey
- 1/2 oz Lemon Juice
- 1/2 oz Maple Syrup
- 1 oz Aperol
- garnish with lemon twist

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