Lactobacillus Kettle Sour Berliner Weisse

We review Mike's recent small batch Kettle Sour Berliner Weisse.

Its hot and a lightly tart wheat based beer is normally exactly what we all need, right? This beer didn't disappoint with a low ABV of 4.3% and a nice Lacto character.

Mike brewed a small batch BIAB wort with Pils, Wheat and Flaked Oats. He then did a quick pasturization of the wort bringing it to a brief boil. He pitched Omega Yeast 605 Lactobacillus blend, covered the pot and let it sit in the warm garage for 48 hrs. The pH had dropped to 3.5 and was brightly tart. The beer was then boiled again to kill of the lactobacillus and 7grams of Cluster hops were added. After chilling to pitching temp the beer was then fermented on Lallemand's Kolsch yeast!

This beer had a nice lactobacillus character along with a good clean ferment. Mike also made a blueberry infused simple syrup to add a different dimension to the beer as well.


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