Amarillo Cryo Hops Experiment

This week is all about Cryo Hops.

John took his recent Southern Passion SMASH beer and want to see what some Cryp hops would do to the finished product. He had some Amarillo Cryo hops to try out so we gave it a go.

The beer without the cry addition still had a wonderful Southern Passion aroma to it. After having the Amarillo Cryo added to it much of that specific and unique aroma had faded away interestingly. There was not a big burst o Amarillo aroma as we would have expected.

The Cryo Amarillo did present itself in the flavor of the beer. There was a pronounced orange rind and pith flavor component that seemed to compliment the Southern Passion pretty well.

Tell us about your Cyro Hop experiences in the comments!


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