AeroPress Coffee with Tim Williams & Tim Varney (World AeroPress Championship) | AEROPRESS MOVIE

We brewed AeroPress coffee with two men behind the World AeroPress Championship. Tim Varney and Tim Williams are coffee professionals yet what they value the AeroPress the most is the simplicity. This video is not a recipe video!:)

We film it as part of the AeroPress Movie, watch it online:


AeroPress Movies is a 45-minutes documentary revealing the story of AeroPress - from its inventor's workshop in California to the stages of the AeroPress Championships around the world. It explores what makes people so excited about this odd looking yet iconic coffee maker.

Starring: Alan Adler, Tim Wendelboe, Tim Varney, Tim Williams, James Hoffmann, Kyra Kennedy, Alex Tennant, Paulina Miczka, Anders Valde, Lisa Ligon.

"The AeroPress Movie is a beautifully and intelligently made film about a simple brewer that has become one of the most beloved coffee-making tools on the planet." - Sarah Allen, Barista Magazine

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