Brew Dudes Homebrew Swap - Exchange #34 - Kettle Sour Tasting

For this week, we explore a style and process that is becoming more popular in craft and homebrew circles. Thanks to Dennis from New York for sending us a very fine kettle sour. It is tremendous!

This beer pours a clear bright red rose color. It is stunningly red hued. The foam and head are white with a shade of pink. Right away the aroma is of berries and jammy fruit.
That aroma holds up as the flavor profile is more of the same. It's like a thawed out bag of mixed berries or a bowl full of macerated fruit. It's very succulent and enticing.
The sour aspect was probably as close to perfect as it gets. Its decidedly tart. Its bright. It is not however face puckering-ly sour or uncomfortable. It balances perfectly with the fruit addition.

We love this beer. The fermentation post-souring with the addition of American Ale yeast is super clean. The beer is pretty dry. The cell ferment really lets the acid and the fruit shine through.

In short it's tremendous!

Tell us about your kettle sour adventures. Do you want to see more kettle sour brewing and techniques? Let us know in the comments.


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