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How to make homemade pomegranate and grapefruit soda by Drinks Made Easy. We're back with another video on how to make cocktails at home. Today we bring you homemade pomegranate and grapefruit soda. This soda is perfect for everyone. It can go nice with a little gin too.

To make this soda you will need to first make the syrup. In a sauce pan bring to a boil for 60 seconds the following:

1 Cup Sugar
1/2 Cup of both pomegranate and grapefruit juices
2 star anise pods

Remove from the heat and let cool for 30 minutes then strain. In an 8 oz glass filled with ice, add 1 1/2 oz of the syrup and then top with soda water. Garnish with a slice of grapefruit and some pomegranate seeds.

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