Have the Uncomfortable Conversation: Perception, Reality & Understanding for those with Blind Spots

When George Floyd was murdered I personally didn’t know what to do. Not that I didn’t have thoughts, opinions and feelings on the tragedy, but I was unsure and uncomfortable about whether my voice was the one that should be talking about systematic racism and centuries long oppression that has plagued America since day one. I mean, I’m a 44 year old white male who’s formative years where spend growing up in a relatively comfortable household in a small town practically devoid of color in a school system practically devoid of color. What could I possible bring to the table?

Well, in the several days that have followed, I spent a bulk of that time consuming thoughtful written and spoken word pieces by some of the most well versed and passionate people leading the charge to finally rise above and stamp out the strife and never ending grief that encompasses systematic racism. And one theme kept ringing true through all of those words and voices ...

The conversation about race needs to happen between white people.

We need to not only be open to having that uncomfortable conversation between ourselves but be open minded and honest enough to admit, even those of us who think we are woke af, that we all might have blind spots in our vision when it comes to race.

Well, this is our attempt at just that.

Join Mathew Dapkins of Massive Beers and Kyle of No Hype Beer Reviews this Tuesday at 7:30pm for our uncomfortable conversation about our journeys in life, how they have or have not been effected by race, how we perceive racism in the beer culture, and what we are planning to do moving forward to make the world a safer and more inclusive place for all of us.
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