THIS is the TEA FOR LOCKDOWN - finally releasing our 2004 Yiwu PuErh

A very special Aged Raw Gushu PuErh that we have been holding onto for nearly a year with so much complexity and aromatic layers that we do NOT recommend starting a session unless you have the time to sit and enjoy it for at least a dozen infusions. It is called the Presence Collector because it requests your presence for a long and involved session.


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I don't really know why I held off releasing this tea except that I kept on thinking that there would be a more appropriate moment in the future. Clearly now (March 2020 with all of the global panic about COVID19) is the moment and I truly wish that this tea is your perfect companion to find presence in these times. It is such a great companion to remind us all of the most important gift of life - the undemanding moment freed from fear and filled with experience.

A long session will reward you with a body sensation that is so centred, light and calm and seems to adapt to your mood - awakening if you are fatigued and relaxing if you are anxious.

Presence Collector is an aged Raw Gushu (ancient tree) PuErh from Yiwu that we discovered being stored loose in Kunming by one of our contacts. We were dubious that the loose storage would suit the tea but it only took one session for us to realise that it has been store perfectly in dry storage to maximise the fruits and lacquered spicy wood flavours. We bought the entire batch immediately and had them pressed into cakes in early 2019.

The leaves are from estimated 300-400 year old tea trees and have so much length producing sweeter and sweeter brews throughout the session.


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