Tasting a 1980's PuErh! Does Ageing Improve Ripe PuErh Tea?

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I taste an over 30 year aged PuErh tea to try to give my opinions on how the ageing process changes the taste of ripe (Shu or Shou) PuErh tea.

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Ripe or cooked PuErh Tea is always best consumed after a couple of years have passed in order to clear any mustiness which develops during the fermentation process but how doe many years of ageing affect the taste of this tea?

Sheng or Raw PuErh changes relatively quickly (in the tea world) with ageing but Ripe Tea is much slower. Tasting a real antique tea like this 1980's Sugarnut Reserve is a great way to experience the changes that many decades of storage brings to cooked PuErh.


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