How To Make The Bourbon Alexander / Drink Recipe

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Today we are going to show you How To Make The Bourbon Alexander! This is a bourbon drink that brings creme de cacao, cream and egg white together in a beautiful symphony of flavor!

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The Bourbon Alexander is a good winter warming cream-based beverage. Cream, chocolate and bourbon come together gracefully and with ease. Outside of the egg white, the egg white cocktail.

You can also make a brandy alexander but we are not huge brandy fans -- bourbon is where it's at in our book! You can use a high proof bourbon or a normal 80 proof whiskey/whisky if that's your choosing.

Bourbon Alexander
- 1 oz bourbon
- 1 oz crème de cacao
- 1 oz half and half
- One egg white
- Dash of simple syrup
- Dash of salt

Many cream based beverage fit the colder months of the year, making this a perfect winter cocktail. Bourbon trends high in the winter, high proof bourbon makes you feel warmer and cream and chocolate warms the heart. Give the Bourbon Alexander a try!

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