What Do Idaho Gem Hops Taste Like? SMASH Beer Experiment

An Idaho Gem SMASH beer is what we have this week for a tasting.

This week, we start to explore some SMASH beers with new hops that we picked up while at HomebrewCon 2019 in Rhode Island. John picked up a sweet little sealed mini can of Idaho Gem hops.

This hop is reported to be a little pineapple as well as cherry in flavor and aroma; along with a little spice and herbal component.

I definitely get the spice component. It shows up only in the flavor profile namely as a pine like resin finish. The overall flavor profile was a little more subdued than the descriptor suggested.

We primarily got a little bit of under-ripe fruit. I suggested lychee fruit and green melon. Had to dig deep for some pineapple.
Overall, we would put this up in the "filler category and not a solid stand alone hop.

Tell us about your Idaho Gem hop experience in the comments.

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