ThermoStar® Dual-Mode Digital Temperature Controller

The first dual-mode digital temperature controller to go from -50°F to 300°F—and back again—with the flip of a switch. The low-profile, ultra-mountable design is perfect for any fermentation situation.

With a responsive dual-color LED display and modular probe that eliminates the need for a thermowell, perfect homebrew has never been so effortless.

ThermoStar® is the only temperature controller that you'll never need to disassemble or re-wire for perfect performance. Equally at home heating or cooling, the Thermostar® can monitor fermentation temps or provide precise control of your kegerator or keezer.

Tested and trusted by our Brewmasters for its reliability and ease of use, ThermoStar® is the temperature controller of choice in our R&D brew cave.
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