What is a DOUBLE DROP Tea Blending Session?

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In Double Drop tea sessions, we mix n' blend two teas in one session to enjoy how one tea can pair with another and find combinations that are totally unique. The term Double Drop comes from DJ culture and we like to think of these tea sessions as the DJ'ing of two teas - delighting in how one follows on from another and tasting the merging of their aromatics and physicality by mixing the brews.

★ Naked Spring: https://meileaf.com/p/tea-nakc
★ Jasmine Jade: https://meileaf.com/p/tea-jjoc

★ Empress Oolong: https://meileaf.com/p/tea-empc
★ Fire Phoenix: https://meileaf.com/p/tea-firc

★ Superior Iron Goddess: https://meileaf.com/p/tea-sgoc
★ Young Gushu 2018: https://meileaf.com/p/tea-yjmc

▷ Mini Gaiwans (buy a few for group tastings): https://meileaf.com/p/cl-swgw
▷ Square Glass Gong Dao Bei: https://meileaf.com/p/sgdb
▷ Blue Tulip Cups: https://meileaf.com/p/cl-mlcp
▷ Gong Fu Guru Water Tray: https://meileaf.com/p/cl-gfgc
▷ White Porcelain Scoop: https://meileaf.com/p/tsc-porc

▷ What is Horizontal Tea Tasting: https://youtu.be/jH1HsgvicuQ
▷ Why You Should Switch to Gong Fu Tea Brewing: https://youtu.be/lNO_v8L2vI4
▷ Deciphering Da Hong Pao Oolong Tea: https://youtu.be/mkJ_gYX8mi0
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▷ Learning Tie Guan Yin Oolong: https://youtu.be/CS-KCBmY2pA
▷ Young Gushu 2018: https://youtu.be/bd1bBecFv6k
▷ Naked Spring: https://youtu.be/0-H15W3g-ig

You can theoretically try any combination of teas and tisanes for a Double Drop session but I would advise using the same principles as when pairing with foods. Find teas which have some similar aromatics for a good crossover but with enough variation so that their differences are emphasised and the mix will be engaging.

Please write any Double Drop combinations that you particularly enjoy so that we can all share our experiences with the global Teahead community.


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